Nissan Intelligent Mobility

Intelligent Driving

Feel More Confident

Intelligent Driving starts now, with driver assistance technology that helps you see and sense more, and gives you a hand when you need it.

Intelligent Power

Feel More Excited

Boosts driving pleasure through power that is also clean and efficient. A zero-emission vehicle makes it possible. With instant acceleration and the fun of one-pedal driving, you’ve got an experience like no other.

Intelligent Integration

Feel More Connected

Your Nissan can already connect seamlessly with your smartphone. The next step is smart vehicles that connect with each other, in an ecosystem that improves safety and traffic flow.

Nissan Intelligent Driving

Together we ride

Soon, your car will be able to take the stress out of driving and leave only the joy. It will pick you up, navigate heavy traffic, and find parking all on its own, but at the push of a button, give you back control of the wheel. It will even be able to communicate with other cars and pedestrians. Nissan is testing advanced autonomous driving on public roads today, which means this revolutionary driving experience, is within reach.

Intelligent Emergency Braking

In the case of a possible collision, alerts sound before automatic braking is applied, to reduce speed and help you avoid a frontal collision with a vehicle ahead.

High Beam Assist

If an oncoming vehicle is detected, the system automatically dips the headlights when high beams are activated.

Intelligent Lane Departure Warning And Intervention

Stray from your lane and you’ll be warned with both a visual and audible alert by a system so smart, it turns them off when you flick on your indicator. What’s more, subtle breaking will kick in to help keep you on track.

Moving Object Detection & Rear Cross Traffic Alert

By detecting moving objects around the car, this technology enhances safety and helps to give you better awareness of their surroundings.

Blind Spot Warning

Visual alerts appear on your mirrors and display if a vehicle is detected in your blind spot area. Further warning alerts sound if you continue moving into the danger zone.

Intelligent Cruise Control

More than maintaining a speed, this intelligent system maintains a safe distance between you and the car in front, responsive to the movements of traffic around you.

Nissan Intelligent Power

Together we electrify

As the world’s best-selling electric vehicle, the New Nissan LEAF is redefining the power you crave behind the wheel. The New Nissan LEAF beats just about any car off the line with 100% instant torque and zero emissions – proof that sustainable transportation doesn’t have to compromise the thrill of driving. Nissan’s leadership position in electric vehicles means we’re committed to expanding our range of zero emission vehicles, bringing the unique pleasures of clean, quiet power to more and more people worldwide.

Morley City Nissan
Morley City Nissan

New Nissan LEAF makes every drive more exciting

With new Nissan Intelligent Mobility technologies, the New Nissan LEAF shares some of the driving tasks, so you can let go of stress, and enjoy the excitement of the ride. Enjoy the instant torque as you put your foot on the pedal, the impressive acceleration will push you back into your seat. The Nissan LEAF 40kW also has a low centre of gravity, and with the 110kw power and 320Nm torque, you get an instant response whilst driving, making it extremely exciting to drive.

Morley City Nissan


The e-Pedal gives you a fun and easy way to drive using only the accelerator pedal to start, accelerate, decelerate, and stop. For instant acceleration, press down on the accelerator pedal. Lift off the pedal, and e-Pedal reacts as if you stepped on the brake pedal – slowing down the vehicle, and in some cases, bringing it to a complete stop.

Morley City Nissan

More go, more grip and more range can only mean one thing - more fun.

Want to enjoy all the benefits of an EV without having to worry about charging the battery? The Nissan e-POWER system amplifies the drive with instant torque and a quiet drive much like a zero emission EV. This 100% electric motor drive system borrows from the EV technology perfected in the Nissan LEAF and adds a gasoline engine for electrical power generation. The Nissan e-POWER is both a groundbreaking and weather-taming marvel of modern technology.

Nissan Intelligent Integration

Together We Empower

A connected ecosystem of drivers, cars, and communities, is key to a cleaner and safer world. Nissan is playing a central role in defining what the roads of the future will look like, from autonomous cars, to traffic management systems, to car sharing. Seamless Autonomous Mobility (SAM), for example, is a system designed to make autonomous cars smarter with every trip. It uses human mobility managers to help autonomous cars deal with the unexpected, like construction zones, then share what they have learned with other cars in the system – a case of human, and artificial intelligence, creating a sense of community on the road.

Morley City Nissan


The Nissan LEAF can be plugged into any standard 240V electrical socket. With a Type 2 charging unit installed, the LEAF 40kW can reach full charge in 7.5 hours, so you can charge overnight and start the day with a full 270km of range^. There are over 800 public charging stations across Australia.

^ Figures quoted are for a 40kWh battery. Time dependent on charging conditions, including charger type and condition, battery temperature as well as ambient temperature at point of use. Indicated rapid charging time requires use of a CHAdeMO rapid charger. The Nissan LEAF is designed to support the majority of journeys in daily life and is equipped with charging safeguards to protect the battery during repeated rapid charging sessions in a short period of time. The time taken for successive rapid charging can take longer if the battery temperature activates the battery safeguarding technology.